Rental Allowance Program

Rental Allowance Program

The Rental Allowance Program is open only to persons currently residing at a local homeless shelter.

The Rental Allowance Program is designed to assist homeless persons who have the ability to become self-sufficient.  Only those residing at a local homeless shelter are considered for assistance.  Eligible participants must be referred by a shelter and show proof of homelessness. The goal of the program is to aid in the continuance of self-sufficiency. Approved applicants are considered to be most in need because they are homeless and lack sufficient resources to secure permanent housing. Assistance is available for a 12 month period. Call 301-934-0112 for information. 

How the Program Works
Once approved, the client is issued a certificate and is allowed 30 days to find housing in Charles County. If after 30 days the client has not located housing, a one-time extension of 30 days is permitted. When the client finds a unit to rent, they return a notice requesting an inspection to the Housing Authority. When the unit passes inspection, contracts are signed and the tenant may move in. Rental Allowance Payments will be made for 12 months.

Applicant Eligibility
Local administration determines the eligibility and priority of recipients.  Applicants must meet at least the following criteria to be eligible for the program:

  • Must be referred by the shelter case manager and show proof of homelessness 
  • Must be able to return to long-term housing following a short term period of Rental Allowance Program subsidy payments

Maximum Household Income Limits for RAP:

1 person  $21,7505 person  $33,550
2 person  $24,8506 person  $36,050
3 person  $27,9507 person  $38,550
4 person  $31,0508 person  $41,000

How to Participate
Upon reference from a shelter case manager an appointment will be set to analysis need, income, and likelihood of attaining self-sufficiency. Additional documentation may be needed to complete the application process.

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