For Businesses

For Businesses

Charles County, Maryland offers numerous strategic benefits to businesses, including:

  • Lower costs for land, wages, and taxes/fees than most locations in the DC Metropolitan Area
  • Highly educated workforce and reverse commute
  • Infrastructure to accommodate new and expanding businesses
  • Ready sites and business parks for rapid site location
  • Incentives for businesses in targeted industries
  • Easy access to the Washington, DC / Baltimore region and a population of over 10 million people

The Charles County Department of Economic Development assists businesses with:

  • Site selection;
  • Workforce recruitment and training;
  • Facilitating incentives / agreements / permit expediting in targeted industries;
  • Financial assistance;
  • Entrepreneur resource referrals;
  • Information on demographics, transportation, and other data;  


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Contact our team for more information:

Main contact info - 301-885-1340 or e-mail Economic Development

Darrell Brown, Director - 301-885-1346 or e-mail

Marcia Keeth, Deputy Director – 301-885-1345 or e-mail

Debra Jones,  Chief of Business Development – 301-885-1344 or e-mail

Taylor Yewell, Revelopment Manager - 301-885-1340, x2200 or e-mail

Lucinia Mundy, Business Development Specialist - 301-885-1340, x2202 or e-mail

Claudia Bellony-Atanga, Economic Research Specialist - 301-885-1347 or e-mail 

Jennifer Reginald, Marketing Coordinator - 301-885-1343 or e-mail

Michelle DeSoto, Project Coordinator, - 301-885-2201, or e-mail

Lacey Oliver, Office Associate - 301-885-1340 or e-mail

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