Trash Disposal and Tag-A-Bag Program

Trash Disposal and Tag-A-Bag Program

Curbside service for disposal of household trash and bulky items is contracted on an individual basis in Charles County.  For additional information on these types of services, please contact your homeowners' association or your local trash hauler.

Residents have the option to dispose of items in the county landfill or at a recycling center through the Tag-A-Bag program, a volume-based, recycling incentive system for the disposal of household trash. The more you recycle, the less trash you have; the less trash you have, the more money you save!

For the Tag-A-Bag program, residents purchase tickets at various locations throughout the county at the current price of $2.25 per ticket. Each ticket enables you to dispose of one bag/container of household trash up to 32 gallons at a recycling center. A bag/container exceeding 32 gallons may require additional Tag-A-Bag tickets.

The Tag-A-Bag program is available at any of the four recycling centers located throughout the county.

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