Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Contractor Application Packet

Contractors Wanted

Use the link above to complete the Contractor Application. Instructions for completing the application are contained within the PDF. Typically, the type of vehicles needed includes dump trucks already plumbed to carry County plows and spreaders. Contractor-owned snow removal equipment is preferred. For details, please call 301-932-3454. 

Hints & Checklists

Learn more about preparing for a winter storm using our hints and checklists.

When It Snows

Learn more about what to expect from the County’s snow removal vehicles, what you can do to help, and who to call with concerns.

Snow Removal Schedule

To better serve and inform you, the Charles County Public Works Roads Division has developed a Snow Response Target Time for County Roads.

Who Else Clears the Snow

Did you know that the Charles County Department of Public Works may not be the only individuals clearing snow? Learn more about who clears the snow.


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