Mattawoman Office (Utilities)

Mattawoman Office (Utilities)

Wilson Cochran
Deputy Director, Public Works - Utilities
Where does our water come from and where does it go?
We provide some of the most critical - but least
thought about - services in the County.
The Utilities Division is centrally located at the Mattawoman Water Reclamation Facility near Mason Springs. All sections of County Government pertaining to water and wastewater operations and maintenance are based here, along with administrative and technical support staff. 
  • Provide a safe, quality and sustainable supply of drinking water
  • Provide treatment of community wastewater to effectively protect the environment
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Provide these services in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.
The Utilities Division of Public Works:
  • is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and compliance monitoring and reporting of all water and wastewater facilities owned by the Charles County Commissioners
  • operates and maintains wells, water storage tanks, fire hydrants, water meters, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants and manholes
  • is responsible for over 780 miles of water and sewer lines, and nearly 29,000 water connections
  • is an enterprise fund
    • tax dollars do not support our operations
    • customer payments for water and sewer usage are our primary funding source
    • user fee rates are determined by operations and maintenance needs
    • connection fees also support some of the major construction projects such as the installation of new lines to connect new customers
    • rates are set so as to "break even" with enough revenue generated to support the cost of supplying the services

The major sections of the Utilities Division are:

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